Ask a Pro:  How did the NFPA come up with a 15:1 safety factor?

Ask a Pro: How did the NFPA come up with a 15:1 safety factor?

July 01, 2016

 The first edition of the NFPA 1983 was originally intended to give requirements only for ropes used by the fire service.  However, it quickly became apparent that requirements for all other rigging components - hardware, software, and harnesses - would also be needed.  As NFPA 1983 has continued to undergo updates and revisions, the standard has grown to encompass a much broader range of equipment, now stipulating requirements for design, construction, and performance.

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Check this out! SureClip

March 23, 2016

One of the challenges with any rescue operation is striking a balance between safe rescue methods that workers can learn and remember when needed and a plan that covers and addresses every aspect of risk.  How do you keep the rescuers safe, while making sure the rescue plan isn't so complicated that it takes 3 hours to make entry?

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Head to Head: Swivel Pulleys by Rock Exotica and CMC

December 04, 2015


This article features two great pulleys, both with a built-in swivel head.  One is by Rock Exotica, the other by CMC.  For this blog, we'll be looking at the 2" single pulley and 1.5" double pulley varieties.  Let's get to it.

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Ask a Pro: How long does my rope last? (for British Columbia)

November 01, 2015

"How long can I keep using this rope?  It looks perfectly fine, so I'm good, right?"


The above is a question we get all the time, and I'll do my best to explain the story on rope life.

A disclaimer: this is provided in the context of legislation for British Columbia - so while it won't be directly applicable to other jurisdictions, it will hopefully this will give you a better understanding of where your regulations might come from.

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Ask a Pro: Why did NFPA switch from Light Use to Technical Use?

October 01, 2015

As some of you have probably seen, there were some updates to the 2012 edition of NFPA 1983: Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services.  One notable adjustment, and the one I'll be discussing here, was the change in terminology from Light Use (L) to Technical Use (T).  The NFPA Technical Committee (these are the guys who call the shots) thought about calling it "Rescue Use" but eventually settled on Technical Use instead.  

But why did they bother making the switch at all?

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Check this out! - Platinum Rope by Teufelberger Rope Co.

September 01, 2015

New England Ropes / Teufelberger Rope Co. know a thing or two about making the strings we all go work and play with, but it seems they've hit on something really amazing with this latest upgrade.  Ladies and gentlemen of the academy, please meet Platinum Rope.

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Check this out! ClampBot by Conterra

July 01, 2015



Here's a cool item to hit the market recently - the ClampBot by Conterra.  It does sound like it's named after a B-grade sci-fi horror movie, but actually, this little gem works amazingly well!

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Head to Head: Petzl Vertex Best vs. PMI Advantage Helmets

May 15, 2015

Vertex Best    VERSUS   Advantage


This episode features two great helmet options for rescuers: the Vertex Best by Petzl, and the Advantage helmet by PMI.  There's no doubt that both of these helmets are excellent options and are used by a wide variety of rescue teams; from SAR to Fire Departments to Industrial Tower Crane workers, but what sets these helmets apart and, given your line of work, what makes one better than the other for you?

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PMI-Extreme Pro Static Rope

October 20, 2014


Our good friends at PMI Ropes, are always coming up with new ideas. Here is one that we really like. It is called the Extreme Pro Static Rope.

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WRAP Evac Rescue Harness- Now Available On Our Webstore

August 28, 2014


The Wrap Evac harness allows you to completely secure your patient, even in extremely restricted and small spaces. A sliding head harness easily adjusts to different body sizes. Extremely versatile, the harness can even be used without the backboard for confined space in vertical or horizontal configurations.

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Check This Out - Conterra Hitch Plate

July 01, 2014

The Conterra hitch plate is a rated rigging plate attached to a receiver for your vehicles trailer hitch.  Manufactured out of aluminum and NFPA 1983(2012 ed) General Use Rated,  this piece of hardware is essential for rescue teams with off road embankment hazards.  The speed of anchoring and the peace of mind, to know that the hardware is just as strong as the rest of your system, makes the Conterra Hitch Plate worth every dollar.

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Petzl AVAO BOD FAST Harness- Comfort in any Position

May 14, 2014


Dynamic Rescue is excited to bring to you the NEW AVAO BOD Harness by Petzl. A lot of research has gone into this fall arrest and work positioning harness so it could be designed for the greatest comfort in all positions. Lets look at some of these great features. 

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