Check this out! ClampBot by Conterra

Here's a cool item to hit the market recently - the ClampBot by Conterra.  It does sound like it's named after a B-grade sci-fi horror movie, but actually, this little gem works amazingly well!


The younger sibling to Conterra's EdgeBot (or sequel since we're sticking with the movie theme) it's really the new-and-improved version.  The ClampBot has the same great edge protection rollers but now articulates over almost any surface.  Basically, this handy little tool will conform to fit for any job needed.  

Over an I-beam?  Yup.  Sharp corner bracket?  You bet!  What about over a section of razor-sharp spikes tipped with poison and controlled by the evil...sorry, the movie thing got me going again.  But yes, the ClampBot will probably keep your rope rolling nice and clean, right over top of the evil warlord and his sharp edges.

All joking aside, this is a great little product.  Highly versatile and adjustable to whatever surface you need to protect against.  Its small size helps keep it compact and light, too.  You can also purchase an attachment strap specifically designed to fit the ClampBot and secure it from moving off it's intended spot, preventing a lateral shift and keeping your protection exactly where you need it.

So what's the catch?  Well, there are a couple downsides to this, overall, great product that we've found.  While it's great that it's nice and small, sometimes it just feels small.  Maybe I'm being picky, but for the price I'd want a piece of equipment that's undeniably ready for a professional task.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think this little guy will break anytime soon, it's definitely sturdy as you can tell the moment you pick it up.  I'd just like to see an XL version of the ClampBot come to market, that's all.

Speaking of price, that's the other downside.  Listed at $179, you can't help but wonder where Conterra is hiding the diamond rings and gold bullion inside this thing.  For anyone on a tight budget, the canvas pad + duct tape, or cut piece of old fire hose, is starting to look a lot more attractive.  That being said, $179 is a lot cheaper than replacing a whole length of rope and infinitely better than risking the safety of anyone on a system going over an unprotected edge.

Stay safe,

- The Dynamic Rescue Team

Joel Mohr
Joel Mohr


Joel Mohr first became involved with technical rescue work as a member of the Port Moody Volunteer Fire Department in 2009 where he continues to be an active member. With a passion for technical rescue, Joel began working with Dynamic Rescue Systems and soon became a key player in their organization, providing emergency standby rescue, instruction, and equipment for industry, mining, and rescue organizations across Western Canada. In 2014 Joel began pursuing his M.D. and is currently in residency with the University of British Columbia School of Medicine.