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Minimize your risk, keep your crews safe, and protect your facilities with Dynamic Rescue.  Whether you're a small business or a multi-national company, we can provide the Emergency Response, Training, Consulting, and Equipment that you need, whatever the size of your project or scenario.  Our rescue professionals have extensive real-world emergency response experience, proven training techniques, and a wide breadth of knowledge from working in our communities for over 30 years in Fire, EMS, and Military backgrounds.  Professionally delivered, customized to your site, regulatory compliant, and on budget - Dynamic Rescue is ready to help with your next project.

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  • Expert Experience
  • With over 80 years in professional rescue among the directors alone, Dynamic Rescue is second to none when it comes to understanding the unique challenges of all types of technical rescue.  From our Emergency Standby Technicians and Instructors to our Consultants and Equipment Sales Team, you'll be working with highly qualified professionals who have in-depth and expert experience, as well as your best interests in mind.

  • Professionalism

    We never take our eye off the ultimate goal: the safety of you and your team. We strive to become business partners and not just temporary band-aid solutions.  At Dynamic Rescue, we work tirelessly to get you exactly what you need, when you need it, wherever you are. We bring you the best people using the best gear to give you a professional, dependable, and cost effective solution to your technical and emergency rescue needs.

  • Customization

    No two businesses are the same, and neither are any two worksites or projects.  That's why at Dynamic Rescue we custom tailor all of our services to specifically match the exact risks and needs of your business.  Whether big or small, local or abroad, we give you the best team, training, and equipment for your unique challenges.

  • Commitment

    We know that our job is never done until all of yours are.  Dynamic Rescue is here to support you even after you have left our training centre, once your equipment has arrived, and once your crews are back home safely.  You can be certain that expert help is always ready and available for you - our commitment to you!

Whether you want to discuss solutions to a particular problem, enhance your training, or review your current capabilities, we are here to support you.

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Rock Exotica - Enforcer Load Cell Recall

December 16, 2016

A user had an Enforcer connected to a steel cable, or wire rope. As the cable was loaded it unwound, twisting the Enforcer’s swivel eye and the friction generated unscrewed the bolt holding the swivel and it came apart.

Confined Spaces Cause More Deaths in the USA

September 08, 2016

"Two men were pulled, unresponsive, from a 25' manhole by emergency services."

"Two brothers, in their 20's, were recovered from a crude oil tanker that they had been tasked with cleaning."

In the last few months there have been at least two tragic incidents in the US resulting in loss of life, another reminder of just how dangerous confined spaces can be.

CMC 3D Descender Product Recall

August 04, 2016

CMC has issued a recall on the 3D (300880) for Lot Numbers 16001 – 16203.


- Immediately remove any affected 3D products from service.

- Contact CMC Customer Support at (800) 235-5741, (805) 562-9120, or via email at to initiate the return process.

- Return the 3D directly to CMC for a no-cost full replacement of the product. CMC will issue a call tag for pick-up of the item and cover all cost of shipping.

Ask a Pro: How did the NFPA come up with a 15:1 safety factor?

July 01, 2016

 The first edition of the NFPA 1983 was originally intended to give requirements only for ropes used by the fire service.  However, it quickly became apparent that requirements for all other rigging components - hardware, software, and harnesses - would also be needed.  As NFPA 1983 has continued to undergo updates and revisions, the standard has grown to encompass a much broader range of equipment, now stipulating requirements for design, construction, and performance.