Our History

Dynamic Rescue Systems was established in 2006, when our directors saw the need for a full service rescue standby and training company for industry and emergency organizations, one that provided a single point-of-contact for every aspect of the development of a customized rescue plan.

Since then, we've grown rapidly and today our company consists of over 200 contractors specializing in Fall Protection, High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Tower Crane Rescue, Radio Antenna Tower Rescue, Hazardous Materials Training, and Fire Extinguisher Training.  

We have a broad skillset that can assist with the setup of regional fire departments, the increase in rescue capabilities of any site and the development of specialized training courses to address the widely varied needs of our customers

Our People

While most of our contractors are active firefighters from departments across the Greater Vancouver Area, we also round out our experience with members from industry, medical response and the Canadian military.  

Our contractors and employees have a wealth of experience in many disciplines and are able to assist our customers at every stage of their rescue needs.  

From Confined Space and High-Risk area assessments to the development of rescue plans and execution to even include the assistance with equipment purchase and installation.  

We only hire those that value professionalism and positivity above all other attributes and it has been reflected in our exceptional safety record.  

Our people are there to make sure that your people are safe no matter what kind of risk their environment creates.

Our Mission

At Dynamic Rescue Systems, we strive every single day to increase the safety and well-being of our customers.  

It is our mission to make sure that any worker we are tasked with protecting is covered from the moment they enter our care until they are safely on their way at the end of the job.  

We aim to achieve this through strategic partnerships and consultations with stake-holders in the industrial sector and emergency services as well as organizations such as WorkSafe, the NFPA and CSA boards.  

We endeavour to constantly better ourselves through training and maintenance of critical skills and through the development and alignment of our programs to tested, proven and regulatory-compliant best practices.  

We will be the most dedicated, trusted and safety-conscious rescue company in Canada and look forward to proving this.

"A spark neglected makes a mighty fire" ~ Robert Herrick

Our Values