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John Kenyon


John Kenyon has over 32 years in the fire service and more than 14 years in development and instruction in Confined Space Rescue. Since 1994, he had been an adjunct instructor with the Fire Academy specializing in Confined Space Rescue and Technical Rope Rescue. John is an Instructor in numerous disciplines, including SCBA, Auto Extrication, Fire Officer, the Firefighter Pre-Employment Program and Live Fire.

John brings to Dynamic Rescue Services, experience in the fire service as well as industrial applications of training and deployment of rescue programs. In 1976, John was hired as a career fire fighter with the City of Port Coquitlam and later moved through the ranks to Lieutenant and then Captain. In 1996, he became the Assistant Chief of Fire Operations and retired from that position in October 2008. John has been a member of the validation committees for two International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) training manuals: the seventh edition of “Fire Service Search and Rescue” and the current, fifth edition, of “The Essentials of Firefighting”. At present, John is a member of the Canadian Standards Association, and a technical committee member for the soon to be released CSA Z-1006 document, “Management of Work in Confined Spaces”.

John Dennis


John Dennis is one of the original founders of Dynamic Rescue Systems; he has extensive experience with setting up and operating Technical Rescue Programs and has over 30 years of experience within the Rescue Services. He is still, proudly, an Acting Battalion Chief working with the Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services. His passion for working for Vancouver Fire is as strong now as when he started and he is proud of the great work his fellow firefighters continue to do every single day.  

Grant Frost


Grant Frost has over 34 years of experience working in the fire service. He is a Rescue Technician/ Instructor in Vehicle Machinery, Hazmat, Firefighting and Firefighting Tactics. He brings to Dynamic Rescue Systems skills as an innovative designer with extensive training in Technical Rescue. This unique skill combination has led to the development of the Wrap Evac rescue harness, a leading-edge device that is in wide use in the rescue community across Canada.

Bryan Vinje


Bryan Vinje has been working with Dynamic Rescue since its inception. He has a diverse background within the Company, starting as a Standby Rescue Technician; then taking on the role of Instructor; and now in his current position as Manager. Bryan has also been a firefighter for over 15 years and has always had a passion for Technical Rescue.

Our Team

Head Office

Shaun Collard


Shaun is our First Aid Program Coordinator, in charge of medical training and emergency medical standby teams. He also brings his wealth of experience from the Fire and Emergency Medical Services to the Equipment Sales team and as a standby team member and leader.

Matt Sandrin


Matt is a member of our Sales team and often acts as the first point of contact for our customers. He is responsible for ensuring that every customer inquiry is answered in a timely manner and helps to coordinate any of our services from standby to training to equipment.

Corrine McQueen

Training Support

Corrine provides support as part of our training division, assisting students and coordinating courses. She ensures that Dynamic Rescue Systems remains in good standing with programs such as the BCCSA's COR (Certificate of Recognition), ISNetworld, and PICS Auditing. She also develops and implements H&S policies for each of our divisions.

Lorraine Sander

Training Administration

Lorraine has over 25 years of clerical experience and is responsible for managing accounts payable and receivable for Dynamic Rescue Training. She also provides support for all aspects of training administration including program auditing, authoring and scheduling.

Regional Contacts

Direct all inquiries to the main office at
Emergency line: 1-888-965-5228

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Questions

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    A:  Cancellations with more than 30 days notice are refunded fully, cancellations with less than 30 days but more than 14 days notice are refunded 50% and cancellations with less than 14 days notice will not be refunded.
  • I would like to pursue a career in Firefighting. What training/courses will I need?

    A: While it depends on the department and your own goals, we find that this list has served our students well in their future careers: Rope Rescue Awareness (Low to Steep), Confined Space Rescue - Operations, Rope Rescue - Operations.
  • What is "Accreditation"?

    A: Accreditation is the stamp of approval from a third party review of an agency’s certification system.  Some students wish to seek extra recognition through third-party accreditation. This provides international recognition in the fire service and related fields. Whether someone applies for this depends on an individual’s needs and aspirations in career development. Some fire departments ask for this accreditation with their new applicants and some do not.  Contact us to discuss your options if you think you would like accreditation beyond your certificate.

  • Does Certification expire?

    A: No.
  • Do I get a certificate from Dynamic?

    A: Yes. All successful students will receive a certificate and a completion letter. All students are given the opportunity to request a full-sized certificate or a wallet card, depending on their needs.
  • Do Dynamic's certificates expire?

    A: Yes.  While the learning you get with DRS is lifelong, we also recognize that skill-fade is a real occurrence.  Our certificates are dated such that they are valid for 2 years from date of issue and can be extended to 3 years with documented maintenance of skills.
  • I don't see the course that I need.  Can you still help me?

    A: Absolutely!  DRS would love to speak with you about exactly what it is that you require and how we can design a program specifically to meet your needs.

Standby Questions

  • What does it cost to rent the gear for your standby crews?

    A: There is a $100 flat fee to configure, deliver and utilize all the gear necessary to complete a standby rescue contract. All gear is professionally maintained, tested and calibrated prior to being dropped off at the rescue site.  We do not rent our gear to other rescue agencies.
  • What extra fees are associated with rescue standby contracts?

    A: At Dynamic Rescue, we believe in stating outright what our costs are; no hidden charges and no surprise billing. We make every effort to ensure that the quote provided prior to our services reflects the actual billing amount with everything right up front. We feel this gives you the best chance to make an informed decision about your job and the company you choose to protect you.
  • Do you rent gear for workers who don't have their own?

    A: While we are not a rental agency for technical rescue gear, if you need something to ensure your safety, we can either make sure you get it or we can put you in touch with the right people. Our job is to make sure you are safe at all times so if there is a gap, we're going to solve it.

Equipment Questions

  • I'm looking for a piece of equipment that I don't see listed on your webstore. Can you still help me?

    A: Absolutely. Send us an email, submit a contact form request or call the office and we'd be happy to figure out what you need and the best way to get it to you. We love special requests but more than that, we love knowing that you have the best possible gear for the job ahead.
  • Do you offer discounts on gear?

    A: We offer many price breaks and discounts for professional organizations such as Fire, EMS, Police, Military, other federal agencies and our industrial partners.

Consulting Questions

General Questions

  • What is your fax number?

    A: 1-604-522-0229

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