• [Training] was a great success from our point of view, and we could not have done this without the help of Dynamic Rescue, who worked tirelessly with us through to completion.

    — Alex M

  • Instructors were clear with delivery & provided a great course.


  • Excellent hands on skills in all roles

    — Stewart B

  • Great instructors, learnt a lot of great skills

    Derek C

  • It was very hands-on and interactive. Not boring at all. Really fun class. I learned a lot. Kyle & Dwayne made it fun & interesting. Thanks.

    Alex H

  • Good instructors, fun scenarios.

    — Anonymous

  • Great instructors, nice gear, great applicable training for on the job at [Redacted] Fire.

    — Anonymous

  • The hands-on time & instructor knowledge was great. It was great to learn a little about where things are going. Great instructors, great group. Look forward to future Dynamic courses!

    Chris C

  • Great course. Good job instructing. Thank you!

    — Anonymous

  • Equipment and the facilities were the best I've seen and used. Both instructors demonstrated a vast knowledge on the subject of rope rescue.

    — Anonymous

  • Enjoyed the course, felt I learned a lot from a complete beginner to a more competent rope handler.

    — Anonymous

  • I like that we got to participate and practice it ourselves. I loved the equipment, very useful and lots of hands on training.

    — Anonymous

  • The instructors were very knowledgeable and great at teaching it in a way that was very easy to understand. I was dreading taking the course because I was previously not good at ropes. After this course I have a much better understanding and better outlook on the program as a whole. Thank you.

    Justin T

  • Put on more in Alberta! Course was fun with lots of good information.

    — Anonymous

  • I really enjoyed the course. The instructors were great. They really took the time to ensure we knew our skills.

    — Rob C

  • Material was delivered in a straight forward easy to relate method. Trevor showed ways to store equipment ready to go and to simplify use for non tech people.

    Tracy D

  • Great instruction, emphasis on the stuff that works and lots of hands-on opportunity.

    — Anonymous