Confined Space Rescue Teams

When your crews punch out, we make sure they're all going home to their families.

Confined Spaces continue to be a fatal hazard for workers everywhere.  Despite increased awareness and regulations, the reality is that Confined Spaces are still killing workers and would-be rescuers.  The CSA estimates that 60% of all fatalities in Canada are bystanders, often other employees or family members trying to help.


With Dynamic Rescue, you solve all of these problems with one professional, highly trained, expert, and cost-effective solution.  Managing your confined spaces can be a tough job - but we're here to help!   

Due to their high risk potential, the regulations surrounding Confined Space Entry have grown and may be different from one jurisdiction to another.  Hazard Assessments, Rescue Pre-Plans, ventilation, air monitoring, worker training, hole watch, rescue team assembly, equipment purchases, and appropriate documentation may all be required - keeping on top of all these elements can be a challenge.

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Work at Height Rescue Teams

Providing Industry with highly-trained, experienced, and professional rescue teams for any High Angle scenario

Over the last number of decades the need for Rope Rescue in industry has grown immensely. There’s no doubt that as people continue to build larger, taller, and more technically complicated structures, the need to access them has increased. Due to the inherent risks associated with height, the Rope Access and Rescue industry is heavily regulated. In B.C., new stand-alone regulations for Rope Access and Rope Rescue have just taken effect and aim to ensure the continued safety of all workers.

As with any high hazard work environment, employers and managers are required to meet significant regulatory standards. Ensuring appropriate compliance can be a difficult task, and providing in-house capabilities is not always feasible. That’s why at Dynamic Rescue, we strive to help you meet your work site compliance and keep your workers safe. While work at height can be done very safely, accidents do happen. With Dynamic Rescue, you gain a highly trained, experienced, and professional organization working with you to achieve the highest level of safety possible and provide rescue in the event of an emergency.

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WATER Rescue Teams

Don’t let your would-be rescuer employees get swept away as victims

Water hazards present a unique challenge to any work environment, which can have disastrous consequences when not approached properly. Regardless of which provincial jurisdiction you work in, employers are responsible for providing a rescue team and equipment whenever water hazards exist. With the vast, rugged Canadian climate and growing natural resource development, swift, flat, ice, and tidal waters present serious risks to workers all over.

Dynamic Rescue is an industry leader in providing highly qualified and experienced standby rescue teams for a wide range of scenarios, including water-related hazards. Whether you need help with pre-planning and documentation, employee training programs, or supplying fully equipped and operational rescue teams, Dynamic Rescue can assist your company with any water hazard.

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Mine Rescue Teams

Helping you provide the best health, safety, and emergency capabilities for your mine’s workers and facilities

Mining operations continue to be an important natural resource business, not just in B.C., but all over Canada and the world. However, there is no question that the health and safety of workers and the public is one of the most crucial responsibilities of the mining industry. To ensure this protection, much legislation and regulation has been implemented in every jurisdiction. As a result of this, mine owners and managers face substantial regulatory hurdles to start new projects, or even to keep up-to-date with current technological and procedural advancements. Even some large-scale construction projects can fall under the implications of the broad-reaching mining regulations.

It was with these challenges in mind that, several years ago, Dynamic Rescue created its Mine Rescue division. Our goal is to help the mining industry provide the highest possible standards of health and safety to workers and the public, specifically in emergency rescue. With decades of experience in similar rescue settings, it quickly became apparent that the techniques and methods Dynamic Rescue had been using in Confined Space, High Angle, Swiftwater, and Firefighting emergencies would be hugely beneficial to the mining community.

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Fully equipped, highly experienced standby rescue service

If your workplace has any Technical Rescue hazards (confined space, high angle, swift water, mine) Dynamic Rescue is recognized as the industry leader for onsite standby rescue.

We come outfitted with proven equipment and technology, capable of handling any scenario.  We supply all the most cutting edge and industry certified equipment, specifically needed for your site, so you don't have to worry about sourcing a thing - all at no additional cost.

On top of that, our rescue team members have the training and experience to know what to do.  All of our Rescue Technicians are certified, active, and progressive in their rescue disciplines, and have worked in a wide variety of industrial and natural rescue settings.  Our Team Leaders have an even broader spectrum of training and Technician Level certification in multiple disciplines.

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We provide you the ability to protect your workers in all types of high-risk workplaces