Standby Rescue Teams

Dynamic Rescue is a fully equipped, highly experienced, and well established standby rescue service

If your workplace has any Technical Rescue hazards (confined space, high angle, swift water, mine) Dynamic Rescue is recognized as the industry leader for onsite standby rescue.

We come outfitted with proven equipment and technology, capable of handling any scenario.  We supply all the most cutting edge and industry certified equipment, specifically needed for your site, so you don't have to worry about sourcing a thing - all at no additional cost.

On top of that, our rescue team members have the training and experience to know what to do.  All of our Rescue Technicians are certified, active, and progressive in their rescue disciplines, and have worked in a wide variety of industrial and natural rescue settings.  Our Team Leaders have an even broader spectrum of training and Technician Level certification in multiple disciplines.

Meet your regulatory compliance, protect your business investment, and most importantly, keep your employees safe, all with one cost effective solution - Dynamic Rescue Systems.