Experienced Safety & Rescue planning

Dynamic Rescue is a full-service safety consulting, staffing and safety training company. Our Safety Consultants are a staff of highly trained and seasoned Certified Safety Professionals with proven experience in developing safety programs for all types of industries. We have a proven track record for successful safety management programs and offer a full array of safety training services and safety program development.

We can provide safety consultants to staff and manage safety on your project. The benefit to you is safety staffing that are top-quality, experienced and knowledgeable safety professionals within your industry.

Our mission is to help keep your workplace and workers safe in all environments.

We are your support whenever you find yourself facing a challenging worksite environment.  We are experts in work in confined spaces, work at height, work near water and have more rescue experience than any other organization in this field.

Let us help you to keep your workers safe and to deliver a plan that meets every need and can be put into practice immediately.

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Hazard Assessments

The number one reason clients call our Safety Division is that they have a Confined Space which they need to enter to perform work and have no resources to safely and professionally assess the space.

Our dedicated team of Safety Consultants will make this process painless and ensure that your company and workers are protected, no matter what they face.

Our programs are more thorough and clear than any other agency and we give you the support and custom approach to make safety and rescue something that can be implemented and followed easily with the support to back you up at every phase.


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Our Hazard Assessment and Risk Identification (HIRA) documents are more complete and well-rounded than any other service-provider in the industry.

We include:

- Space Characteristics and Classification

- Hazard Identification and Classification

- Hazard Control Methods

- Alternative Control Measures

- Safe Work Procedures

- Rescue Plans and Procedures

- Equipment List

- Training Matrix

- Review and Sign-off by Certified Industrial Hygienist


We have the knowledge and experience to tackle everything from single spaces to entire plants or even whole municipalities.

Rescue Planning

 Do you have a Safety Program in place already but have realized that your rescue plans are either lacking or non-existent?

This is not uncommon and so many safety professionals will draw the line at providing rescue suggestions due to a lack of experience.

Here is where our wealth of experience can help you to round out your program with common-sense, practical solutions that work with your existing training, equipment and unique challenges.

Whether it was missed the first time or conditions have changed so that your initial rescue plan is no longer practicable, we are ready and excited to help you get in full control of your rescue needs.


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Full Safety Programs

Audit / GAP Analysis

Response to WSBC/OHS Orders

Alternative Control Measures

Fall Protection Programs

Work Near/Over Water Programs

Confined Space Programs

Hazmat Control Programs

Spill Response Programs

Lockout/Tagout Programs

Fire Safety Plans

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Equipment Inspections

If you have a cache of safety gear that is due for inspection, odds are that anyone trained by DRS is qualified to perform the inspections of these critical pieces of equipment.

However, if you don't have the time or the right staff in place to accomplish this, DRS would be happy to provide an ERT to help inventory, inspect and make recommendations about your gear and our expert sales staff can help you get the fleet in top-notch shape on time and on budget.

We can inspect your gear on site, in partnership with your team or at our warehouses in Coquitlam or Calgary.

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Training Customization

Some of our clients face extremely unique challenges from different regulatory requirements (Federal, Marine, Offshore) to complex hazards (Confined Space, At Height, Over Water).

Dynamic Safety and Consulting is able to work with you to develop a customized approach to safety that is tied into specific, custom training for the workers and rescue teams that will address these hazards on site.

Give us a call or drop us a note if you need a partner and we'll prove how much of an asset we can be in your corner.

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Ongoing Support

Once your program is up and running, our job is only half done. 

We are here for any questions you have and are always happy to provide an expert opinion on challenges that arise as your business changes and grows.

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