April 17, 2020

Petzl America - Published 17 April 2020

To clean PETZL PPE or other equipment, please follow the instructions provided in the technical notice for each product. 
As a reminder, chemical cleaners damage plastics and textiles, breaking down the compounds and the fibres. The only cleaning products tested and recommended are soap and water. 
In the specific case of COVID-19, hospital disinfection methods involve high temperatures (>150°C) or low temperatures (<100°C) and using bleach. We cannot apply these protocols to Petzl PPE or other equipment. 
To date, no health authority has announced an official, reliable disinfection protocol using low temperatures (<100°C) and without bleach.
 With this in mind, we recommend using the following protocol:

  1. Respect a 72 hour quarantine period
  2. Hand wash products with soap and water, at a maximum temperature of 65°C (Warning: these are exceptional measures during the COVID-19 crisis. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, please wash your equipment at 30°C as indicated in the technical notice).

To dry your equipment, please follow the instructions provided in the technical notice.
This protocol will highly reduce the risk of contamination, but of course, is not 100% guaranteed. You can also request further information from your local health authorities concerning low-temperature disinfection protocols. 

PLEASE NOTE: Cleaning products developed by ECOLAB, when applied as instructed, are also compatible with all Petzl helmets and can be used. However, we do not know to what extent, if at all, ECOLAB'S products are effective in killing or preventing the spreading the COVID-19 virus. Please visit ECOLAB website for more information.


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