WRAP Evac Rescue Harness- Now Available On Our Webstore

This harness has become a "must have" in most fire department and industrial technical rescue teams, due to its quick rescue capabilities.

The Wrap Evac harness allows you to completely secure your patient, even in extremely restricted and small spaces. A sliding head harness easily adjusts to different body sizes. Extremely versatile, the harness can even be used without the backboard for confined space in vertical or horizontal configurations.                                                                                    



  • Easy To Package
  • Quick to deploy
  • Presents a small profile
  • Multiple handles for maneuvering the patient through and out of confined spaces
  • Rated for lifting patient in a high angle environment
  • Has a built in protector that prevents the device from being damaged during rescue operations  
  • Provides a certain degree of spinal protection
    *(local spinal immobilization protocols must be followed)


    Key Features:

      • Sliding head harness
      • Removable backboard
      • Heavyweight handles for carrying
      • 4 Quick-connect straps
      • Adjustable harness straps
      • Detachable skid plate for confined spaces


    The Wrap Evac Rescue Harness was developed by one of Dynamic Rescue Systems directors, Grant Frost.                            

    If you would like to purchase a WRAP Evac Rescue Harness, please email sales@dynamicrescue.com or visit our Online Store.


    Shaun Collard
    Shaun Collard