Check This Out - Conterra Hitch Plate

Departments often deal with emergency situations involving people and vehicles down embankments. There are many different techniques and ideas on how to deal with these situation.  Often, emergency vehicles are the most suitable anchor points in these situations.  When using vehicles for anchors many different webbing and straps can be used on structural components but this may take extra time.  To ease the anchoring efforts and streamline the rescue operations, some rescue teams have manufactured their own anchoring rings to be used in vehicle trailer hitches.

The questions is, what are these rated for?

The Conterra hitch plate is a UL-certified, NFPA-rated rigging plate attached to a receiver for your vehicles trailer hitch.  Manufactured out of aluminum and NFPA 1983(2012 ed) General Use Rated,  this piece of hardware is essential for rescue teams with off road embankment hazards.  The speed of anchoring and the piece of mind know that the hardware is just as strong as the rest of your system - makes the Conterra Hitch Plate worth every dollar.

For more information or to place an order for the Conterra Hitch Plate, contact DRS Equipment Sales Division 1-888-965-5228 or

Bryan Vinje
Bryan Vinje