Wrap Evac Harness

Wrap Evac

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The Wrap Evac harness allows you to completely secure your patient, even in extremely small and restricted spaces. A sliding head harness easily adjusts to different body sizes, allowing for cervical immobilization. Extremely versatile, the harness can even be used without the backboard for confined space rescue in vertical or horizontal configurations.

Key Features:

  • Sliding head harness
  • Removable backboard
  • Heavyweight handles for carrying
  • 4 quick connect straps
  • Adjustable harness straps
  • Detachable skid plate
  • Canadian manufactured

New and Updated Features

Sliding head-bed system for easy size adjustment for different sized patients; automatically slides to compensate for body sag during vertical lifting

Adjustable center connection chest strap eliminates the risk of choking patient during lifting

Upgraded connectors for increased strength, ease-of-use and corrosion resistance

Compatible with specialty backboards for smaller spaces, water rescues and difficult surfaces

Removable backboard to allow patient flexion in extremely confined spaces

Adjusted arm wrap can be used with one or both arms exposed if required due to injury or extremely restricted access openings



- Confined Spaces

- Wind Turbines

- Tower Cranes

Used By:

- Fire Departments

- Military

- Rescue Agencies

- Tower Erectors

- Oil & Gas

- Telecommunication

- Wind Energy

Safe & Fast

- Chest connector won't ride up, preventing choking of patients

- All components are rated for 22kN or greater

- Secure double-locking buckles for easy securement

- Exceeds ANSI/CSA requirements for strength

- Carefully designed and extensively tested

- 10 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects

- Easy replacement of component

- Accessories for challenging environments

- Customization available for unique rescue needs