Swiftwater Rescue - Technician

30 Hours / 3 Days

This course is for personnel who operate and search in moving water, classified as high risk and are involved in coordination and supervisory functions. The Technician level requires students to demonstrate advanced skills, knowledge, and techniques for hazard recognition, equipment use, and procedures necessary to safely and effectively coordinate, perform and supervise a technical swift water incident.

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Advanced concepts are employed in rescue strategies, site management, team leadership, hazard mitigation, equipment and resource management, and information gathering. Technical rescue preplanning, as well as rescue scene management and termination, are explored and developed in this program.



Course Objectives


  • Review of self-rescue techniques
  • Strainers, log jams, rock sieves, foot entrapments
  • Communications and leadership
  • Risk vs benefit analysis
  • Load sharing anchors
  • Picket systems
  • Boat operations
  • Low head dam rescue
  • Overturned boat rescue
  • Highlines
  • Vehicle in water extrication
  • Night operations

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