Rope Rescue - Technician

30 hours / 3 days

Rope Rescue - Operations

This course expands on the skills developed in Rope Rescue Operations. The Technician level requires students to demonstrate skills, knowledge, and techniques for high hazard environments, The equipment used and the procedures required are necessary to safely and effectively coordinate technical rescue incidents in the high angle environment. Emphasis is placed on advanced techniques, Rescue attendant skills, and leadership development.

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This course includes: Review of NFPA Standards, Knots Bends & Hitches, Advanced Anchoring, Complex Mechanical Advantage Systems, advanced pickoffs & line transfers, patient packaging, multiple lowering & raising systems with attendants, Kootenay High lines, and team scenarios.

Day #1
  • Advanced Anchoring
  • Advanced Mechanical Advantage
  • Advanced Line Transfers
  • Basket Evolutions with an Attendant
  • High Line Lecture
Day #2
  • High Line Review and Set Up
  • High Line Scenarios
Day #3
  • M/A Systems
  • Dual Tensioned lowering/Raising Systems
  • High Angle Evolutions
  • Evaluation & Testing

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