Rope Rescue - Awareness & Low-to-Steep Operations

30 Hours / 3 Days

This course standardizes embankment rescue and provides the foundation skills for students who would like to move into the high angle operations and technician level courses. Students will learn the capabilities and limitations of their equipment in a classroom environment. Students then move to realistic hands-on scenarios, finishing with fully involved steep-slope rescue scenarios.

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Course Contents

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Main Teaching Points

(As per NFPA 1006 and 1670 JPR's)

Awareness Level

  • Recognize the need for support resources
  • Recognize incident hazards and initiate isolation procedures
  • Recognize needed resources for a rescue incident
  • Initiate a discipline-specific search
  • Perform ground support operations for helicopter activities
  • Initiate triage of victims
  • Assist a team in operation of the haul line of a rope mechanical advantage system raising operation

Operations Level

  • Perform size up a rescue incident
  • Inspect and maintain hazard-specific PPE
  • Inspect and maintain rescue equipment
  • Demonstrate knots, bends, and hitches, given ropes
  • Construct a single point anchor system
  • Construct a multiple-point anchor system
  • Conduct a system safety check
  • Place edge protection
  • Construct a belay system
  • Operate a belay system during a lowering or raising operation
  • Construct a fixed rope system
  • Construct a lowering system
  • Construct a simple rope mechanical advantage system
  • Direct a team in the operation of a of a simple rope mechanical advantage system
  • Negotiate an edge while attached to a rope rescue system
  • Access, assess, stabilize, package, and transfer victims
  • Direct a litter-lowering and litter-raising operation in a low-angle environment
  • Operate as a litter tender in a low-angle lowering or raising operation
  • Terminate a technical rescue operation

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