Tower Rescue - Operations/Technician

30 hours / 3 days

Pre-Requisites: Rope Rescue - Operations (Rope Rescue - Technician Preferred)

The Tower Rescue - Ops/Tech course expands on the skills developed in Rope Rescue - Technician. Tower Rescue requires students to demonstrate skills, knowledge, and techniques for environments requiring climbers to place personal protection prior to performing rescues.

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Type: Training

The equipment used and the procedures required are necessary to safely and effectively coordinate technical rescue incidents in vertical unprotected environments. Emphasis is placed on advanced small team techniques, rescue attendant skills, and problem-solving. Locations include Bridges, Radio Towers and Tower Cranes.


Course Schedule

Day #1
  • Lecture
  • Fall Protection Overview
  • Fall protection tools and equipment
  • Y-Lanyards
  • Work Positioning
  • Self Belay
  • Lead Climb
  • Bridge Climb
  • Lead Climb
  • Rescue Scenarios
Day #2
  • Tower Climb
  • Lead Climb
  • Protection placement and cleaning
  • Ground-based rescue
  • Tower-based rescue
  • Skate Blocks
  • Tower Crane Lecture
Day #3
  • Tower Crane Evolutions
    • Tower Platform
    • Operators Cab
    • Counter Jib
    • Jib
  • Evaluation & Testing

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