Industrial Tower Crane Rescue - Level II

30 hours / 3 days

Pre-Requisites: Current Fall Protection Certificate

In this 5-day course, students will learn to safely perform rescue from all areas of an industrial crane. In addition to the protected areas, students will also use personal fall protection techniques to access all areas of the crane in order to perform rescue.

This course covers all areas of the crane as well as full patient packaging and line transfers.

Students will be given a written, individual proficiency, and practical evaluations.

This course is in conformance with NFPA 1006 and 1670 and meets or exceeds all WorkSafe Standards for Rescue at Heights.

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Main Teaching Points

  • Review of Tower and Tower Crane configurations
  • Knots Bends & Hitches
  • Small Team equipment and tools
  • WSBC regulation Part 11 Fall protection
  • Bottom-up techniques
  • Advanced Anchoring on towers
  • Ground and Tower-based Mechanical Advantage Systems
  • Skate block techniques
  • Lead Climb
  • Multiple lowering & raising systems with attendants
  • Patient management
  • Patient packaging
    • Basket stretcher
    • Sked stretcher
  • Line Transfers
  • Small-team based rescue scenarios

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