Industrial Tower Crane Rescue - Level I

30 hours / 3 days

Pre-Requisites: Current Fall Protection Certificate

This 3-day course is designed for those that need to provide rescue within the protected zones of an industrial crane. This includes the walkways, ladders and operator cab. This course does not include packaging or extrication of a suspended worker and is focused on the safe removal and lowering of a worker during normal day-to-day operations.

Suggested for Tower or erection workers in Hydro Electric, Communications, and Tower Crane assembly.

Students will be given a written, individual proficiency, and practical evaluations.

This course is in conformance with NFPA 1006 and 1670 and meets or exceeds all WorkSafe Standards for Rescue at Heights.

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Main Teaching Points

  • Review of Tower and Tower Crane configurations
  • Knots Bends & Hitches
  • Small Team equipment and tools
  • WSBC regulation Part 11 Fall protection
  • Bottom-up techniques
  • Advanced Anchoring on towers
  • Ground and Tower-based Mechanical Advantage Systems
  • Skate block techniques
  • Patient management
  • Multiple lowering & raising systems with attendants
  • Small-team based rescue scenarios

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TASK #1 – Lower a patient from a tower packaged in a vertical packaging device Student selects the appropriate equipment: Establishes Static Line Attaches ASAP Establishes Mainline with Petzl ID/MPD Connects to Patient packaging Raises over Obstacles Attaches tag lines Lowers to ground TASK #2 – Rescuer performs a line transfer of a victim in the High Angle environment. Rescuer rigs a main line. Rescuer rigs a static line. Rescuer safety checks system. Rescuer attaches prusiks onto patients lanyard or lifeline Rescuer secures a mainline to prusik Rescuer raises lanyard or lifeline until connection point is free Rescuer disconnects patients lanyard Rescuer lowers patient to ground Rescuer then transfers victim over to E.M.S. TASK #3 – Work Positioning Rescuer places fall protection correctly Demonstrates proper use of work positioning Rescuer demonstrates a strong understanding for Fall Protection Regulation and Company Policy TASK #4 – High Point Lower from counter Jib packaged for Horizontal Lower Student selects the appropriate equipment: Establishes Static Line Attaches ASAP Establishes Mainline with Petzl ID/MPD Connects to Horizontal packaging Raises over obstacles Attaches tag lines Lowers to ground TASK #5– Rescuer builds Mechanical Advantage Rescuer builds 3-1 Z-Rig MA Rescuer Builds 5-1 Z Rig MA Rescuer Builds 4-1 Vertical MA with COD and capturing system Rescuer demonstrates the ability to Tie Rescue Knots(Fig 8 bight, Prusik Hitch, Butterfly, Clove Hitch) Rescuer demonstrate the ability to use various tool for anchoring Rescuer secures a the pre tensioned backtie utilizing a half hitch and an overhand TASK #6 – Rescuer demonstrates patient handling Rescuer places Bee Suit on Patient Rescuer Packages in Wrap Evac Rescuer packages on spine board and places patient in basket, establishes horizontal bridal Rescuer packages in sked for vertical lift

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