Swiftwater Rescue - Operations

10 Hours / 1 Day

Pre-Requisites: Swiftwater Rescue - Awareness

The Operations level uses a team-building environment to develop a systematic approach to water rescue.This course is for personnel who operate and search in still or moving water environments, classified as low to medium risk, and are involved in a support function to a water/flood rescue technician or team

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Main Teaching Points

Main Teaching Points

(As per NFPA 1006 and 1670 JPR's)

Awareness Level

  • Recognize the need for technical rescue resources at an incident
  • Establish scene safety zones
  • Identify and support an Operations- or Technician-level incident
  • Size up an incident

Operations Level

  • Construct rope systems particular to the swiftwater rescue needs of the AHJ
  • Support operations, given a designated mission
  • Assess moving water conditions
  • Perform a non-entry rescue in the swiftwater and flooding environment
  • Terminate an incident

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