Swiftwater Rescue - Operations

30 Hours / 3 Days

The Operations level uses a team-building environment to develop a systematic approach to water rescue.This course is for personnel who operate and search in still or moving water environments, classified as low to medium risk, and are involved in a support function to a water/flood rescue technician or team

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Course Objectives


  • Individual & team shallow water crossings
  • Self-rescue
  • Defensive and combat swimming with ferry angles
  • Ferry angles
  • Log jam and strainers entrapment
  • Medical considerations (hypothermia, c-spine and patient packaging)
  • Mechanical advantage (simple and compound)
  • Anchoring and rigging in the swiftwater environment
  • Team positions and incident management
  • Risk assessment and site evaluations
  • Rescue preplanning and management
  • Continuous loop crossing
  • Victim tow swim
  • Live bait contact rescues
  • Rescue board rescues
  • Inflated fire hose rescue
  • Tensioned diagonals
  • Team scenarios
  • Individual proficiency evaluations
  • Team evaluations
  • Written exam

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