Swiftwater Rescue - Awareness & Shore-Based Rescue Operations

8 Hours / 1 Day

This course provides the foundation skills for students who would like to move into the Technical Water Rescue world. The Awareness level is designed for personnel operating along the shores of still and moving water environments that are classified as low risk.

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Course Objectives



  • Applicable Standards
    • NFPA 1670
    • NFPA 1006
    • WSBC Sect 32 - Evacuation and Rescue
    • Duty, responsibility, Bill C45 and Section 217 of the criminal code of Canada
    • Lifesaving and Canoeing and Guiding Standards
  • Introduction to water dynamics, hydrology, river hazards and accident review
  • Ropes - knots, bends and hitches
  • Equipment - software and hardware for water rescue operations
  • Panic, survival and cold water drowning
  • Shore Based Rescue Operations (reach and throwing techniques)
  • Written exam
  • Individual proficiency evaluations
  • Team evaluations

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