Ice Rescue - Operations

20 Hours / 2 Days

Pre-Requisites: None

In this 2-day course is geared towards departments that will operate on a shore-based rescue only. Students will operate as an integral part of a team environment and will be directed and monitored by instructors acting as team leaders. Lessons will include a strong foundation on ice formation and strength, scene size up and management, cold water medical considerations, rescuer safety and equipment as well as the latest most proven shore-based rescue techniques. Students will be given a written, individual proficiency, and practical evaluations.

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Rescue Scene Hazard Assessment


  • Selection/Donning of PPE
  • Assessing ice and water conditions
  • Identifying hazards
  • Making verbal contact with victim
  • Assessing victim
  • Classifying rescue vs recovery

Conducting Shore-Based Rescue


  • Using size up and victim assessment methods
  • Rescue tool selection
  • Shore-based rescue techniques
  • Victim removal techniques
  • Patient handling and care

Shore-Based Support to "Go" Rescue


  • Support/line tending procedures
  • Large team communication techniques

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