Equipment Sales

Did you know that you get a discount on all of our products just for being a student with DRS?

It's true, just let us know what course you took and we'll make sure we apply your discount to your quote.

We only list a fraction of our stock on the website so feel free to send us an email for any of your needs.

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Training Courses

You know what the quality of our training is and you want to go further with it? We are so excited to help you get there.

Whether it's a new discipline or expanding on your current training, we have the course for you.

Available in individual Open Registration or even custom Corporate bookings, we are flexible, responsive and will deliver the best training in the industry.

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Safety & Consulting

Whether you need a hazard assessment, a rescue plan, a full program or just a site visit to help you determine your options, our Safety Consultants are the best in the business and come with years of real-world experience.

We'll help you figure out the simplest, most cost-effective approach to any problem and we can make sure you are meeting your regulatory and safety needs.

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Standby Rescue Teams

When your jobsite has some extremely challenging situations, we are ready to launch our Emergency Rescue Teams to help you out.

Whether it's at extreme height, deep in confined spaces, working near water or any number of combinations, we have the gear and staff to make it look easy.

Give us a shot to amaze you at how quickly we can sort out your rescue requirements.

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