Fall Protection Training - Level 1

8 Hours / 1 Day

Pre-Requisites: None

This course provides an overview of the potential hazards associated with working at heights and precautions which should be taken to prevent injuries. The program provides an overview of the types of fall protection devices that are available and their intended use.

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Main Teaching Points:

  • Overview of the necessity of fall protection
  • Identification and control of fall hazards
  • Hierarchy of fall protection
  • Components of personal fall arrest systems
  • Critical concepts of fall protection
  • Inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment
  • Fall rescue protocols
  • Provisions for establishing a rescue plan
  • Written fall protection plan
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Small-team assisted rescue

Course Info
  • Theoretical and practical exercises
  • Delivered at DRS or on your site
  • Rescue introduction included
  • Exceeds WSBC Part 11 Requirements
  • Approved training for the NCSO program
  • Federal, Provincial and industry-specific variants available

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