8mm Sewn Prusik Loop [DRS]

Constructed out of New England 8mm prusik cordage, these sewn loops will stay supple and maintain an excellent grip on the rope over their lifetime, never becoming mushy in the knot and still being easy to untie.
Each sewn loop comes with technical data for reference on a shrink-wrapped label so you can easily identify and check your software. The sewn loops take the guess-work out of your riggers' hands when tying a double-fisherman bend under pressure and make for an easier and faster application of a prusik loop onto a static rope.



MBS: 20.0 kN (4500 lbf)

Weight: 40g/m (2.7lbs/100')

Three sizes are available:

Green - 18 inches

Burgundy - 22 inches

Black/Red - 56 inches