TerrAdaptor Tripod System - SMC


The TerrAdaptor system has been tested extensively in both lab and field environments.

As a result, the TerrAdaptor Portable Anchor system in the standard symmetric tripod and quadpod configurations are the only systems of their kind to be certified by UL to NFPA 1983 (2006 ed.)

Symmetric Tripods are typically used for straight vertical access such as above manholes or access hatches. When straddling a manhole or access hatch, a symmetric tripod's feet are equal distance from the center of the manhole or hatch. All three legs are equally loaded. This is most often the strongest tripod configuration.


System Components MBS: 36 kN (8,093 lbf).


The TerrAdaptor Tripod System includes:

  • TerrAdaptor Tripod Head
  • 2 Offset Leg Clamps with 3 Load Locking Pins each
  • Main Attachment Pin
  • 3 Legs Kits complete with Feet, Hobble Plates & Baskets
  • Center Leg Clamp with 3 Load Locking Pins each
  • 3 Rope Hobble Sections
  • Cotter Pin Kit
  • Leg Coupling Pin
  • 2 Lash Ring with 1 Coupling Pin each
  • TerrAdaptor Head/ Accessory Bag
  • 2 TerrAdaptor Leg Bag
  • TerrAdaptor User Guide