CMC 3D Descender Product Recall

CMC has issued a recall on the 3D (300880) for Lot Numbers 16001 – 16203.

The Lot Number is laser engraved on the lower black bar of the 3D to the left of the UL Classification information.

See photo for a detailed view of the Lot Number location. (Lot #16060 shown)



- Immediately remove any affected 3D products from service.

- Contact CMC Customer Support at (800) 235-5741, (805) 562-9120, or via email at to initiate the return process.

- Return the 3D directly to CMC for a no-cost full replacement of the product. CMC will issue a call tag for pick-up of the item and cover all cost of shipping.


For the original notice, click here.

Matt Sandrin
Matt Sandrin