A Person in Cardiac Arrest Loses 10% Chance of Survival Each Minute

If you lose 10% Chance of survival each minute, this means you only have 10 minutes!  This is why Dynamic Rescue trains with and sells only the best AEDs on the market. 

When a cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock, but nearly all will require cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Not sure if you are performing CPR correctly? Don't worry! 

Only the ZOLL’s AED Plus® can actually calculate when you are doing CPR, and help you do it correctly.  And Real CPR Help® is an added tool that can actually see what you are doing and provides feedback to help you do it well; an important extra for those who need more than just commands.

Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other automated external defibrillator (AED).

  • Not pushing hard enough? It will tell you when to push harder.
  • Pushing hard enough? It will say, “Good compressions.”
  • Not pushing fast enough? A metronome will lead you to the right rate.
  • It will even show you the depth of each compression. In real time.
  • Not yet started? The AED Plus will tell you again to get started.
  • Compressions stopped? It will tell you to continue.

CPR Feedback

ZOLL believes AEDs should not just deliver a shock. They should also help the rescuer provide high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

The AED Plus® Offers:

  • Real CPR Help for rate and depth of compressions.
  • Support for the complete Chain of Survival.
  • A one-piece, CPR-D electrode pad for fast and accurate placement.
  • ZOLL AEDs use consumer lithium camera batteries available from retail stores.

Other Important Features:

  • Intelligent Pediatric Capability
  • ZOLL’s Rectilinear Biphasic™ Waveform
  • Total AED Program Management with En-Pro™
  • 2010 ILCOR CPR Guidlines


Shaun Collard
Shaun Collard