Vehicle Rescue - Technician (Common Vehicle)

20 Hours / 2 Days

This is a 2-day course and meets the requirements of NFPA 1006 Chapter #8. Building on skills acquired from the Dynamic Rescue Vehicle Rescue Operations course, students will be introduced to advanced scenarios using the heavy hydraulics including spreaders, cutters, rams and Pneumatics.

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Students will take leadership positions on challenging scenarios. These types of incidents include vehicles in unique or precarious positions for accident configurations. As part of a team, you will also learn to act as a ISO (Incident Safety Officer) for portions of the training. These advanced skills taught will shape students to begin working as part of an advanced vehicle rescue team.



Main Teaching Points


This course covers all NFPA 1006 Chapter 8 Operations Level requirements plus the following:

  • Vehicle Anatomy
  • New car technology
  • ICS for extrication scenes
  • Advanced cribbing practices & vehicle stabilization
  • Hand tool advanced practices
  • Use of air chisels
  • The safe and effective use of multiple air bags
  • Operation of Hydraulic Spreading tools
  • Operation of Hydraulic Cutting tools
  • Effective patient handling and extrication
  • Extrication from:
    • Car on 4 wheels with under ride
    • T-Bone with override
    • Car on its side in Trench (Simulated)
    • Car on its roof in ditch (Simulated)
    • Passenger impalements
    • Precarious stabilization
    • Multi-passenger impingements

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