Vehicle Rescue - Awareness

8 Hours / 1 Day

This is a one day course and meets the requirements of NFPA 1006 - Chapter 8. Students will cover scene management, coupled with an assortment of stabilization and glass management techniques.

Students will complete the first initial stages of vehicle rescue, critical to further rescue success. Students will learn about Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) and the hazards that these systems pose on accident scenes and will be introduced to the safe use of hydraulic equipment such as cutters and spreaders.

This program is appropriate for students with little or no education on vehicle extrication and are looking to be a valuable part of a rescue team.



Main Teaching Points



  • Use, care and inspection of tools and equipment
  • Site control and scene management
  • General hazards associated with vehicle search and rescue incidents
  • Traffic control
  • Size up of existing and potential conditions
  • Making the search and rescue area safe
  • Identifying probable victim locations and survivability
  • Identifying and controlling hazards
  • Stabilization
  • Glass removal
  • Protecting a victim during extrication or disentanglement
  • Packaging a victim prior to extrication or disentanglement
  • Relocation of vehicle components

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