Rescom Elite Communications Kit


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Rescom Elite® is an instantly deployable, Intrinsically Safe, hardline system designed to provide clear, effective, and continuous communication for a confined space or a high-angle rescue scenario. 

With a new & sleek plastic housing and a no-nonsense design, this New Generation Rescue Communication System is manufactured by SED to replace the legendary Rescom® Modular™.  This system consists of:

  • A Primary Interface (DMI) with a Headset for the Attendant
  • Two Dependent Interface units (DSI) with Headsets for Entrants
  • Communication DuraCORE™ Cables
  • A Junction Box

The belt-mounted Primary Interface (DMI) provides centralized power for all other Interface Units (DSI). The entire system operates on low voltage and can be powered by 3 AA batteries, which are housed in the DMI unit. 

What is Intrinsically Safe?

Intrinsically Safe means that the system is incapable of causing an explosion or being a source of ignition in the presence of potentially explosive or combustible materials and gases. 

In other words, the equipment and wiring are incapable of releasing sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal or abnormal conditions to cause the ignition of a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture in its most easily ignited concentration.  OSHA has many reports of fires caused by non-intrinsically safe systems. 

Preventing fire and explosions is a top priority for all industries around the world!