Machinery Rescue - Operations

10 Hours / 1 Day

Pre-Requisites: None

This 1-day NFPA-based machinery rescue course is designed for any first responder who may be involved in a machinery-based rescue. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to perform a multitude of common entrapment/impingement rescues and will be expected to pass both a written knowledge and practical evaluation.

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Course Contents

  • NFPA Standards
  • Identification of resources
  • Rescue site size up, overview and safety
  • Managing hazards and resources
  • Safety zones and control
  • Fire protection
  • Ropes (knots, bends and hitches)
  • Lockout
  • Equipment stabilization
  • Small machinery access
  • Disentanglement strategies
  • Practical rescue scenarios

Main Teaching Points

(As per NFPA 1006 and 1670 JPR's)

Awareness Level

  • Recognize the need for technical rescue resources at a machinery incident
  • Establish scene safety zones
  • Identify the needed support resources
  • Size up an incident

Operations Level

  • Plan for a machinery incident
  • Establish scene safety zones
  • Establish fire protection
  • Stabilize a small or simple machine
  • Isolate potentially harmful energy sources
  • Determine small machinery access and egress points
  • Create access or egress openings for a rescue from a small or simple machine
  • Disentangle victim(s)
  • Identify potential emergency events in buildings where mechanical equipment exists
  • Remove a packaged victim to a designated safe area
  • Terminate an incident

Student PPE for Practical Sessions

(Provided by Students)

  • CSA-Approved Steel Toed Boots
  • Long Pants and Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • Eye Protection (can be provided)
  • Work Gloves (can be provided)

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