Live Fire - Full Service

8 Hours / 1 Day

Pre-Requisites: Live Fire - Interior

Full Service Live Fire is the final progression of our Live Fire Program. The vast majority of this class involves scenario-based training, with a major focus on incident size-up, strategic and tactical decision making, and developing Team Leader and Incident Command positions.

Students will be required to operate as a member of a team, as well as in Team Leader and Incident Commander roles, to perform fire attack, ventilation, and search and rescue.

Full Service Live Fire was designed to meet and exceed the criteria of the BC Structure Firefighter Competency & Training Playbook and align with the requirements set forth for NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1 & 2.

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Live Fire training is inarguably the most important training that a firefighter can receive.

There is no substitute for real live fire when developing and maintaining the skills and abilities needed for today’s modern fire environment.

Our Live Fire Program is heavily influenced by the real-world experience of our instructors, as well as the scientific research and tactical considerations, released by Underwriters Laboratory Fire Safety Research Institute.

Course Contents

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