Forcible Entry - Advanced

10 hours / 1 day

Pre-Requisites: Forcible Entry - Foundations

This class focuses on advanced forcible entry techniques such as single firefighter, confined space, and low visibility conventional forcible entry, as well as non-destructive "through the lock" techniques.

During the class, students will learn how to adapt their existing skills to perform forcible entry in challenging situations and learn non-destructive techniques for gaining access to locked spaces.
There is a high priority placed on saw work and the skills required for commercial building applications.

Main Teaching Points

  • Saw and specialty tool orientation
  • Scene and installation size up
  • Tight space forcible entry
  • Low visibility forcible entry
  • "Through-the-lock" and non-destructive techniques
  • Security window bar removal
  • Drop bar and carriage bolt removal
  • Cutting pad and puck locks
  • Garage door cut and removal

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