Fall Protection and Bosun Chair Training

24 Hours / 3 Days

Pre-Requisites: None

This course provides an overview of the potential hazards associated with working at heights and precautions which should be taken to prevent injuries when working at height and in a Bosun Chair.

The program provides an overview of the types of fall protection devices that are available for Bosun's Chair work and their intended use and provides hands-on training in all aspects of Bosun's chair use.

This program will meet the requirements of WorkSafeBC Part 11, Fall Protection, and Part 32, Evacuation & Rescue.

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Main Teaching Points

  • Overview of the necessity of fall protection
  • Identification, prioritization and control of fall hazards
  • Hierarchy of fall protection systems
  • Components of personal fall arrest and descent systems
  • Donning techniques for harnesses
  • Critical concepts of fall protection
  • Inspection and maintenance of system components
  • Provisions for establishing a rescue plan
  • Written fall protection plan
  • Establishing anchors
  • Basic knots bends & hitches
  • Rope care and documentation
  • Protection around a leading-edge, presentation to an edge, descent tools and techniques utilizing a two-line system
  • Low and High point edge transitions
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Ascending techniques
  • Small-team assisted rescue

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