Fall Protection and Bosun Chair Training

The program provides an overview of the types of fall protection devices that are available for Bosun's Chair work and their intended use and provides hands-on training in all aspects of Bosun's chair use.

This program will meet the requirements of WorkSafeBC Part 11, Fall Protection, and Part 32, Evacuation & Rescue.

Main Teaching Points:

  • Overview of the necessity of fall protection
  • Identification, prioritization and control of fall hazards
  • Hierarchy of fall protection systems
  • Components of personal fall arrest and descent systems
  • Donning techniques for harnesses
  • Critical concepts of fall protection
  • Inspection and maintenance of system components
  • Provisions for establishing a rescue plan
  • Written fall protection plan
  • Establishing anchors
  • Basic knots bends & hitches
  • Rope care and documentation
  • Protection around a leading-edge, presentation to an edge, descent tools and techniques utilizing a two-line system
  • Low and High point edge transitions
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Ascending techniques
  • Small-team assisted rescue


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