1 3/4 in. Restraint Strap/Metal Buckle, Red/Black - Traverse Rescue

Traverse Rescue

The Traverse Restraint Strap is designed for use on all Traverse basket stretchers and Squadra Ski Patrol toboggans as well as backboards and other immobilization devices.

Constructed of 1-inch seat belt webbing and steel-plated self-locking adjuster buckles, this restraint strap uses a two-bar, three-bar steel pass-through buckle. It is made with a looped end that attaches to the basket stretcher or the toboggan, and a free end that that is used to tighten the restraint, making it easier to connect. To release it, a simple pull on the red release tab and the restraint strap loosens.

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Product Features:

  • 1 inch Seat belt style webbing
  • Self-locking adjuster buckle


  • 1-inch Restraint with Metal Buckle, 2pc, Black
  • Traverse Weight Load Rating: 226.7 Kg (500 lbs)
  • Quick Connect Buckle Minimum Tensile Strength: 4000 lbs (17.8 kN)