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The most advanced vacuum immobilizer available today; it is well known that Vacuum mattress technology is the state-of-the-art for patient protection and comfort.

The VSB sports many unique features that are just not found on other vacuum mattresses.

The ergonomically-designed VSB is built with special polyethylene beads that will not break down over time like the polystyrene used in other brands. In addition, the beads are compartmentalized with a series of baffles, which means you will never have to spread out or distribute the beads when applying the device.

The straps and handles are movable and removable for replacement or cleaning. In fact, the VSB can even be placed in a commercial washer or extractor for cleaning.

The VSB has a built-in pelvic binding system that is quickly movable to align with the patient’s pelvis.

Lastly, the valve system is a marvel of simplicity, just plug the hose in, pull a vacuum, and pull the hose out.

The VSB comes in two sizes; the 7 ft model for regular street use, and the lighter 6ft model for use where weight and size are at a premium, such as SAR and flight use.

This fine immobilization tool is guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship.

*Even though these tools are built to the highest standards in the industry, we cannot guarantee against leakage or holes caused during use, because of the nature of pre-hospital care (so keep them out of the rose bushes!).