Titan Split Basket Stretcher, w/ Strat Load - Traverse Rescue

Traverse Rescue

The stainless steel Titan Rescue Stretcher is a complete re-thinking of the classic Stokes military style stretchers.

The top rail is a full one inch diameter to make the stretcher easier to handle when carried for extended periods, and it has been reinforced with double tubing at the head and foot ends for extra strength during vertical raises and lowers. All our Titan series rescue stretchers incorporate the use of our new patented 'StratLoad' attachment points for an easy and secure attachment of a lifting bridle. The 'chicken wire' has been replaced with a Durathene netting which won't rust thus eliminating the cuts and scrapes caused by broken wires and is much easier clean.

The back support is molded High Density Polyethylene for greater durability and ease of cleaning. The steep sided design allows for a narrower overall width to the stretcher while allowing the width at the bed, to accept a standard 16 inch tapered, backboard. The narrow width and rounded ends provide greater maneuverability in tight locations. Comes with four stretcher straps.

For the ultimate in strength to weight ratio, the new Titan-Ti is out to set a new standard for a rescue litter. Identical in dimensions to the steel Titan Series, the Titan-Ti is made of ASTM Grade 2 titanium tubing. A non-split apart design with a one inch top-tube and weighs only 13.5 lbs, makes it ideally suited for applications where light weight is your ultimate goal.

Product Features:

  • Patented Stratload Attachment Points
  • 1 inch Top Rail
  • Fully TIG Welded Construction
  • Molded Back support
  • Double-walled Head and Foot Ends
  • Exceeds 2500 lb Military Test
  • Durathene Netting
  • Four Rescue-rated Patient Straps