SR-77-3-M Escape Hood [Sundstrom]

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Mobile Escape Hood, w carry bag, and ABEK1-CO-P3 combination filter.

The escape hood is a filtering respiratory protective device for self-rescue in the event of fire and/or chemical emission accident.

The escape hood is based on the SR 100 half mask body in silicone and the hood is made of chemical resistant and flame retardant material which gives you an excellent fit and high comfort. The hood can be put on without any prior adjustment and no need for a fit test prior to use.  The hood fits most adults and teenagers.

The two exhalation valves and filter combination with low exhalation and inhalation resistance gives minimal strain for the user in a potential psychological and physical environment.

The hood is vacuum packaged in an aluminum bag and is available for either stationary or mobile use in a bag that can be attached to the belt. The durable and vacuum packed aluminum bag gives you a carefree use for 10 years with no need of service or maintenance.

Note: Escape hoods should be used only for escape purposes and not as equipment for carrying out specific tasks. Only for use in environments with sufficient oxygen content in the surrounding air.

Escape hood SR 77-3 Smoke/Chem
• For use in event of fire and/or chemical accidents
• The hood is equipped with a combined gas filter (SR 331-2, ABEK1-CO, and SR 510-P3 P100 particle filter)
• Gives up to 30 minutes protection against CO as well as a particulate filter with 99.997% efficiency
• SR 77-3 M is also approved as a portable escape hood (The SR 77-3 S is approved for stationary storage as an optional alternative)
User Manual