Single Prusik Minding Pulley, Micro (1 3/8 in.) - NFPA, SMC

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The SMC Micro PMP‰۪s areåÊa well-built, small pulley that has plenty of capacity.

These pulleys are designed and manufactured to the same high-quality standards as the full-sized PMP‰۪s.

The wide base design maximizes the effectiveness of a Prusik hitch while a unique side plate formation allows the use of larger ropes in a compact pulley.

An oversized bell-shaped top hole accepts a large rescue carabiner or multiple small carabiners. The single can be rigged with 2 carabiners in a way that the 2nd carabiner serves as a Becket.

Solid side plates help prevent foreign object access and reduce snagging and are precisely tensioned for easy one-handed operation and secure placement at any point along the rope.

Sealed ball bearings provide optimal efficiency and reduce the performance-robbing resistance that is inherent in most multiple component systems and are not prone to failure under misaligned loads or with twisted gear that may occur with needle bearings.


    • UL certified to NFPA 1983 ‰ÛÏT‰۝ Technical Use as required by most government and private agencies.
    • Side plates are precisely tensioned and for easy one-handed operation and secure placement at any point along the rope.
    • Matched double-bend side plates help to eliminate compression under load and the resulting friction on rope or sheave.
    • Low profile fasteners help to reduce snagging and hanging up when the pulley is being moved.
    • Wide base design works most efficiently with Prusik cords of up to 8mm.
    • An over-sized top hole is designed for use with multiple carabiners. Single may be rigged with 2 carabiners in such a way that the 2nd carabiner may serve as a Becket.
    • Made in the USA.
    • Model #: NFPA153001
    • Type: Single
    • Dimensions: 3.75‰۝ x 2.55‰۝ x 1.12‰۝
    • Material: High-Quality Aluminum
    • Weight: 3.5 oz (99g)
    • Max. Rope: 1/2‰۝ (13mm)
    • Sheave: 1-3/8‰۝
    • 3 Sigma MBS: 4,946 lbf (22kN)
    • NFPA1983 (T) Certified
    • Made In USA

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