ProPack Half Mask Kit - M/L [Sundstrom]


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The Sundstrom ProPack Kit is designed for protection in environments that may have a variety of airborne contaminants. The SR100 filter is designed to filter very small particles such as silica and dust, the SR232 chemical cartridge is for filtering various noxious chemicals.

The SR 232 OV/SD/CL/HC/HF chemical cartridge provides protection against the following types of gases and vapours:

  • OV protects against Organic vapours
  • SD protects against Sulfur dioxide
  • CL protects against Chlorine
  • HC protects against Hydrogen chloride
  • HF protects against Hydrogen fluoride

This kit comes with a prefilter for coarse particles.

Collections: Sundstrom

Type: Respiratory Systems

Please note: due to high demand, we have few kits left in stock in limited quanities. Timeline for restock is unknown at this time,

Kit Contents:
  • SR 100 M/L
  • SR 510 P100 (1)
  • SR 232 Chemical filter
  • SR 221 prefilter (5)
  • Prefilter holder
  • SR 5226 cleaning wipe
  • SR 368 ID tag


Article Number H05-5721M
Model description ProPack kit SR 100 M/L
Shelf life (years) 5
Country of manufacture Sweden
Operating temp. 14 to 131 °F (-10 to +55 °C), < 90 % RH
Storage temp. 4 to 104 °F (-20 to +40 °C), < 90 % RH
Assigned protection factor 10



Product Spec Sheet available here