Pick Off Strap - CMC


The Pick-Off Strap is designed so that a rescuer can quickly connect to the victim and then adjust the strap to the desired length. They work extremely well for positioning the victim for a lowering or rappel-based pick-off, or for an assisted rappel.

CMC has added a loop to the end for a more positive grip when pulling to adjust the strap length.

The strong 1-3/4 inch web improves long-term durability, especially where the strap threads through the buckle. Depending on how the buckle is loaded, it will begin to slip between 15 and 20 kN (3,500-4,500 lbf).

Tying off the buckle will increase the strength and minimize slippage. Fully extended length is 54 inches (137 cm).

The integrated Web Keeper allows the strap to be carried on a gear sling or harness without tangling or getting caught.

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