Omni Sling - RSI

Another remarkable product from Rescue Systems, Inc. the OMNI-SLING is comprised of a unique webbing weave which adds incredible strength without compromising on weight.

Constructed with 2 inch long slots and separated by 1 inch of solid webbing, the OMNI-SLING rigging anchor sling has a separate rigging point every 3 in. Rigging slots are actually woven into the original webbing construction and not simply sewn in, yielding incredible strength and versatility.

Sewn daisy-chain rigging loops often fail at the stitch points well below the sling's rated strength (as most sewn daisy-chains utilize 1-inch tubular webbing with a tensile strength of 4,000 lbs).  The webbing used in the OMNI-Sling has an ultimate tensile strength of 10,000 lbf and exceeds all standards and regulations for one person life support lines. When looped like a basket hitch, the OMNI-Sling meets rescue weight requirements.

Working Load Limits (Based on a 10:1 safety factor):

  • Vertical - 500lbs
  • Choker - 350lbs
  • 90 Degree Basket - 1000lbs
  • 60 Degree Basket - 850lbs

Available in orange, black or yellow, with special lengths available upon request.