MACK Supplied Air Regulator/Manifold - Air Systems

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The Multi-Air Command Kits (MACK) series has been designed as a portable multifunctional air distribution system. All MACK units are rated for 5000psi.


All MACK‚Ñ¢ Series units start with the MACK-1‚Ñ¢ basic functions. One or two SCBA cylinders provide air to the system. A CGA-347 high-pressure inlet is also provided to allow continuous operation from truck-mounted air cylinders. A low-pressure regulator provides 0-125 psi air to a four outlet respirator manifold. A low-pressure alarm whistle and a DC lamp to illuminate the case interior are provided standard.

This version allows for one or two high-pressure cylinders to be attached to the supply inlet whips.
A CGA-347 male inlet is provided for direct attachment to a bank of air cylinders.
All MACK series units have at least one air outlet manifold with pressure adjustments from 0-125psi.
- 4-Outlet manifold
- 5,000psi Regulator
- 2x 5' High-Pressure cylinder whips
- 1 High-Pressure inlet port
- 1 Low-Pressure alarm whistle
This version has the same features as the MACK-1, with the addition of an adjustable fill regulator, pressure gauge, and fill whip.
An optional second fill whip is available.
MACK 1 with addition of
- 1 High-Pressure fill regulator
- 1 fill whip (with option 2nd fill whip available for installation).
MACK-3 contains two independent low pressure manifolds and regulator systems that each have their own cylinder supply hoses. An isolation valve is located between the regulators to isolate the systems, as well as provide common air flow from a single bottled air source. One regulator is set to provide low pressure air (0-125psi) for respirators, and one for medium pressure air (0-250psi) for air shores and other rescue tools. This medium pressure manifold has an additional low pressure regulator/manifold system for additional respirators and tools. A total of eleven outlets are provided.
- 8 Low-Pressure respirator/tool outlets (0 - 150 psi)
- 3 Medium Pressure outlets (0 - 250 psi)
- 4 High-Pressure inlet whips
- 1 High-Pressure CGA-347 inlet and pressure cap
- Low-Pressure alarm whistle
The MACK-3FA version contains all of the above items, with the addition of a complete bottle fill assembly, model number MACK-FA.
MACK 3 with the addition of a fill regulator assembly and 5' hose.


Note: these units are not NFPA certified.  For NFPA certified units, check out the MACK-NFPA1 and MACK-NFPA3.