Horizontal Litter Bridle, Adjustable - Traverse Rescue

Traverse Rescue

These are fully adjustable litter bridles intended for use with any style of litter. All hardware meets NFPA and military specifications. The 'O' Ring used for the top tie-in point is rated to an MBS of 134 kN (30,000 lbs). Parachute buckles used on each of the four legs allow them to be adjusted independently, which means the stretcher can quickly and easily be set at the best angle for patient comfort. The use of Mil-Spec hardware throughout reduces wear on the web. Rated strength for both bridles is 22kN (5,000 lbs).

Two version are available, a hard-eye with rated D rings sewn into the ends of the bridle legs or a soft-eye. Both work extremely well with most carabiner styles.

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