FastLink Anchor Strap - CMC


Standard anchor straps with D-rings on each end can create tri-axial loading on the connecting carabiner. A delta screw link connecting the two ends of the strap eliminates this hazard, but screw links are slow to fasten and add weight. CMC has eliminated the D-rings and solved both problems with this design.

Simply wrap the strap around the anchor point and clip the integrated ProTech Auto-Lock Carabiner into the included 12 mm Delta Quick Link, and you're ready to connect your system.

Strength Specifications for All Sizes:

  • Basket (U) Configuration: 51 kN (11,464 lbf)
  • End-to-End Configuration: 26 kN (5,845 lbf)
  • Choker Configuration: Not Applicable


Size Outline:

  • Small - 3 foot
  • Medium - 5 foot
  • Large - 7 foot
  • XL - 10 foot