Emergency Escape / Bailout

8-16 Hours / 1-2 Days (Customized)

Pre-Requisites: NFPA 1001


This course is designed for interior attack teams who may become trapped on upper levels of multi-storey structures and need the ability to quickly evacuate via exterior windows or other portals.

This course can be customized to the devices and tactics of the host department and can be combined with our Live Fire - Interior or Rapid Intervention training courses.

Various escape devices can be taught either alone or in combination when evaluating equipment selection.

Corporate Course Request


Main Teaching Points

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the standards applicable to Bailout
  • Understand and be familiar with the components of the Escape System
  • Be familiar with inspection and logging of equipment
  • Understand how to belay using the chosen safety backup device
  • Will have a strong understanding of exit portal selection and breeching
  • Understand Anchoring using Escape Anchor
  • Proper and safe use and descent using selected Escape System


  • General Approach
  • Recognition of Escape Situations
  • Calling the Mayday
  • Anchoring Considerations
  • Device Familiarization
  • Bailout Procedures
  • Assisted Escape


Optional Add-On Modules

  • Alternative Escape Systems
  • Patient Escape
  • Train the Trainer