Adult Duty Range Manikin [Ruth Lee]

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The most versatile manikin for all rescue scenarios typically practised by emergency rescue professionals including: Confined Space, USAR, Chemical/Biological Hazard, Road Traffic Collision (RTC) & general handling exercises - ensuring effective, realistic training.

Now constructed in the same flame retardant Polyester used in Police ballistic/stab vests, which typically has 4 times the strength and abrasion resistance of 16oz canvas or P.V.C (the materials previously used) – making the manikins even stronger than before.


    • Anatomically correct weight distribution gives the 'feel' of an unconscious casualty.
    • Strong webbing loop allows easy handling, hauling aloft, storage and suspension for drying.
    • Tough enough to withstand being buried under concrete or steel lintels, driven over by a 4x4 vehicle, or dropped from a second-floor window without damage. Water repellent material, making it suitable for wet or foul scenarios such as HAZMAT/CBRN.
    • Soft body joints eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising; common injuries when using plastic bodied manikins.
    • An immobilization/extrication collar can be fitted around the neck of the adult manikins to promote proper casualty care.
    • Using the optional shoutbox feature (optional extra) you can personalize a recorded message up to 60 seconds; e.g. "Help I can't feel my legs.." which can be periodically repeated.
    • Comes complete with boots, which are easily replaced if damaged.
      • Ministry of Defence Army and Navy.
      • Fire & Rescue Services
      • Offshore operators
      • Coastguards & Lifeguards
      • Inland Water Rescue Teams
      • Shipping & Fishing industries

      Not suited for:

          • Use in temperatures above 100¬∞C or flashover scenarios ‚Äì See the Fire House manikin.
      • Height: 1.8m
      • Weight: 20, 30, 50, 70, 90kg
    • Duty Range Rescue Manikin Product Datasheet