DSX Docking Station [Industrial Scientific]

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When it comes to gas detection, there is no substitution for safe, dependable instruments and when you have a few units in rotation, one central solution for ensuring the safe operation of these units is of the utmost importance.

The DSX docks from Industrial Scientific allow for simple, automated and dependable results, allowing your workers to operate with confidence in all atmospheric environments.


Once set up, it is as simple as putting the gas detector on the docking station and allowing it to run through your pre-defined protocols.  Once everything has successfully completed, the unit is ready for use.


Move unit to docking station, get instant feedback

With auto-replenishment, you never need to worry about being out of gas or your cylinders being expired.  When you get within a set tolerance (20% volume or a specified number of days), the unit will send out an automatic order and we will ship new cylinders to ensure no downtime.


With an unparalleled warranty, the DSX offers the best support in the business.  When connected via the cloud, the DSX can also be used to troubleshoot itself and the monitors.  The connection will also automatically update firmware and allow you to push changes out to your entire fleet of gas detectors from one central hub.

You know when your gas detectors are bumped and when they are not, crew readiness, etc.


Note: All DSX Docking Stations come with North American plugs.  For different configurations or accessories, please contact the office.

    • SafeCore
    • Ventis MX4
    • Ventis Pro
    • Ventis LS
    • MX6 iBrid
    • Tango TX1
    • GasBadge Pro
    • DSX Standalone:

      The DSX in standalone mode is a simple out-of-the-box gas detector maintenance station that requires no PC or network configuration.
      • Easy bump testing and calibration of instruments upon docking
      • Automated record keeping with direct USB data storage eliminates concerns about storage space or losing compliance data.
      • Automatic printing of bump and calibration certificates (with a directly connected printer)provides hardcopy printouts for hot work and confined space entry.
      • Automatic instrument wake-up and battery charging.
      • Auto-detection of calibration gas type and expiration date upon cylinder connection.
      With the use of a DSXi activation key, the DSX Standalone becomes a cloud-connected fully automated instrument maintenance station. There is no need to send anything back for activation - all upgrades are easily performed in the field.


      DSXi Cloud-Connected:

      The DSX in cloud-connected mode is an automated maintenance, record storage, and fleet management solution.
      • Bump test and calibration schedules can be tracked and set to be performed automatically, ensuring that instruments are ready for use prior to the start of a shift.
      • Cloud-based data storage provides peace of mind with automatic file back-up and easy recovery in case of unexpected data loss.
      • Effortlessly manage your fleet, data, and software updates from any web-enabled device.
      • Email alerts and notifications provide information on worker exposure and instrument usage, as well as instrument service needs.
      Stop worrying about calibration gas. The optional auto calibration gas replenishment program provides an efficient way to manage your calibration gas usage and needs. New cylinders will be shipped to you when you need them.