Advanced Tank Pod System [DBI-Sala]

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We had a customer who needed to enter a fermenting vessel for inspections and potential repairs from above. To be clearer, they didn't need to enter one vessel, they needed to enter each of their 165 vessels. The problem was, the tanks were within 3 feet of the ceiling and there was only smooth concrete above the hatches which the owner didn't want to drill into so simple anchor solutions were out.

This is not a unique story. We get requests like these all of the time. Often the solution is to modify the overhead structures to place anchors but isn't always feasible and, in some cases. individual permanent anchors that have to be inspected and certified become more expensive than can be absorbed.

Enter the Advanced Tank Pod System from Capital Safety to help us solve these issues.

When you have minimal overhead clearance, when you need to need a solution that lets you work on the top of a tank or if you need to protect the structure you are working in, this is the tool for the job.  Not only that, if you don't have a stable platform that is large enough to accommodate a davit or tripod adjacent to the hatch entry, why not work directly on top of the tank instead?

In the case of our brew tank customer, they chose to connect a 50' SRL and a 100' winch to the tank pod which let them not only access the tank safely and under control but it also allowed them to have redundancy in the case of any issues with either fall protection system.

The Top 3 reasons the Tank Pod System is a good one to consider for your job site?

Tank Pod System for Tank Manways
A unique system is designed to mount to tank manways and when combined with an Advanced digital winch provide a safe, efficient confined space entry system
Three Independently Adjustable Legs
Accommodate flange inclinations to a maximum of 45 degrees for added versatility
Built-In Pulley For Lifeline
Route lifeline of a mechanical device for smooth, efficient rescue and work support operations
Built-In Secondary Fall Arrest Anchor Point
Allows use of back-up or secondary fall protection device such as a self-retracting lifeline when required
Numerous Mechanical Winch/SRL Device(s) Compatible
Various winch and 3-way self-retracting lifeline configurations and options are available to suit most site requirements for added peace of mind
Fits Bolt Circle Diameter 482 to 914mm
One system will fit a variety of different tanks, reducing the number of systems required and overall costs
Attaches To Studs From 12 to 19mm
Designed to utilize existing hardware for added ease of use - numerous other mounting options and extensions are available
Quick Mount Winch Bracket
Simple detent style bracket offers extremely fast and safe mechanical device installation
Set-Up and Dismantle with Standard Tools
Integral detent pins and tools found in most facilities is all that is required for fast, simple and safe installation - no specialty tools required or easily lost
Durable Corrosion-Resistant Construction
An anodized aluminum construction with plastic inserts at all bearing points reduce the possibility of vessel contamination and simplify equipment cleaning
Extremely Compact Requiring Only 635mm Of Clearance
Fits in very tight areas often associated with tanks with minimal overhead clearance needed to efficiently operate the system