9 mm Prusik Cord - Nylon, New England

New England Rope

The NER prusik cord strikes the perfect balance between firm and supple. It is engineered specifically as prusik cord so that the rope has enough give to grip the climbing rope but not be so mushy that the knot locks up. This results in a smooth, controlled movement over the climbing rope and makes untying the prusik knot easier to manage.

*Do not use this product to secure persons or for hoisting purposes, in compliance with the European Directive 2006/42/EC.


  • Perfect balance of knot-ability and handling
  • Provides the ability to have a great grip on the climbing rope without letting the knot lock up


  • Core: Nylon
  • Cover: Nylon
  • Braid: 32
  • Weight: 52 g/m
  • MBS: 4000 lbf