Confined Space Ventilation Kit , Includes CVF-8EXP, Saddle Vent, and Ducting - Air Systems

Air Systems International


The Explosion Proof Contractor Grade, Saddle Vent Kit for Hazardous locations combines all the required confined space equipment in one place. This kit comes complete with everything you need and all intrinsically safe.


  • Explosion Proof AC Axial Fan (CVF-8EXP)
  • Conductive Industrial Saddle Vent (SV-189CND)
  • Conductive 90 Degree Elbow for Saddle Vent (SV-90CND)
  • 15 or 25 Feet of Conductive Ducting (SVH-CND815 or SVH-CND25)
  • 6 Feet Conductive Ducting (SVH-CND86)
  • Universal Saddle Mounting Bracket (SV-UM)


Note: The standard configuration for this kit has the fan connect directly to the canister which has 6' of integrated ducting which connects to the 90 degree elbow to the saddle vent to the 15 or 25' of additional ducting. If you would like to have the inverse ie: the longer ducting stays in the integrated canister, please specify that as a note at time of order.

We can also further customize so give us a call with any special requirements.